Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Some time ago I spoke in Hardware free of PINE64, a plate of Hardware free calling for funding to be sold. This plate SBC was not trying to be a rival of Raspberry Pi but it was trying to overcome it. So your hardware was not only more powerful but had a price lower and tried it to run many operating systems, including Android and Ubuntu, with this hardware.

Well after several weeks of campaign in Kicksatarter, we can say that PINE64 has managed to equal or surpass the milking machine Raspberry. PINE64 called for an amount of 31,000 dollars, an amount that has been widely exceeded since at the end of the campaign they had raised 1.73 billion dollars, a pleasant news that ensures the supervivicencia of the project.

PINE64 is the first plate that uses 64-bit technology, which allows a great power for common tasks such as browsing the Internet or write text documents free Hardware.

PINE64 is the first inexpensive SBC Board with 64-bit technology
In addition we have been able to PINE64 team will try to get the first PINE64 plates to its investors during the month of January, which not only is made equal to the computer raspberry but I think it exceeds it because when its time came out Raspberry Pi, the shipping time was not so short or exceeded with so much money (as I remember). And the software on this plate is not abandoned. During this campaign, PINE 64 team has shown that your plate is able to run Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, Android 5.1 and other distributions of GNU / Linux.

And for those who still do not have this PINE64 that both want to, on the website of the campaign has been enabled a button to make a reservation of the plate, although possibly this reserve arrived later than the rest of the panels which have been sold during the campaign. It seems that after much work, Raspberry Pi rivals have managed to overcome it, but will actually have the same community that Raspberry Pi?The Federal Administration of Aviation of United States (FAA), regulatory agency of the civil avicacion, has announced that about 300,000 unmanned aircraft have already registered in the first month since it came into force with the new rules forcing the owners of these aircraft to be registered in a public database.

Owners who register during this period received a refund of the fee of five dollars. "I am pleased to announce that the public has responded to our call to register," says in a statement the United States Secretary of transportation, Anthony Foxx. "The national system of the air space is a great resource and all users of the same we take care to keep her safe."

With the new rules of registration of the FAA, which entered into force on 21 December 2015, applies to small unmanned aircraft that weigh 300 grams (0.55 pounds) and 24 kilograms (55 pounds). The owners of these aircraft must register before flying in the open air.

People who fly their drones for recreational purposes must register by February 19 this year, through a service available «online» in which you have to enter name, physical address and an email address. This registration is valid for three years.

«Registration numbers that we are seeing so far are very encouraging,» adds on the other hand the head of the FAA, Michael Huerta. «We are working hard to take advantage of this incipient impulse».