Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snapchat Messenger

The increasingly popular Messenger Snapchat brings in the beta version the popular reverse filter now finally on Android smartphones. We offer the Snapchat Beta as APK for free download.

With the reverse video filter, the iPhone users can already use for a while, be recorded with Snapchat 10-second clips can now play and vice versa. The right motives provided can thus achieve funny results.

The reverse-filter can be used just like any other video effects, wiping himself after shooting to the left or right by the Snapchat filter selection. The snail symbolizes the slow motion mode, the hare, the motion function and the arrows to the left, the reverse feature.

Just open this app and tap the little ghost on top. Then tap the button "Add Friends / adden friends". There you have several options. The simplest: Save up above Snapcode on your smartphone Find out all about the new HUAWEI products! and select these "About Snapcode adden" out - nothing could be easier.

Alternatively, looking at the menu item "About Username adden" chip_de to our account and tap the small cross in search results.

On our Snapchat channel we tell every day a story that concerns us straight. You get into direct contact with the editors, be part of the daily editorial and find the hottest news directly on your smartphone. Besides, we also repeatedly lead by exclusive software and apps Gift actions. Then you get only about Snapchat for a coupon code you can use to activate the respective full version.

Of course, we also value personal contact. So if you've always wanted to ask a question on CHIP, so you have to Snapchat simply the chance. We are pleased about every new followers! Should not be so clear to you what is going on with Snapchat and how the proceeds, we explain easily in our practice tip on how Snapchat works.

Snapchat Hack

When fighting on the night of Sunday Monday the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 to the Vince Lombardi Trophy, feverish million viewers around the globe. The advertisers pay a whopping 4.5 million dollars for a 30 second in the first half. Also Snapchat has put together a special package for advertisers 2016th
New concept with restriction

Once the platform is known for its automatically disappearing content, decided last year for a major sponsor, will be the "last" spread over several shoulders. Marriott, Budweiser, Pepsi and Amazon are the chosen companies.

Video ads Advertiser of the four will be played between the individual contributions of Snapchat Live Story Superbowl 50th The advertising of beer brand Budweiser may however only be played on viewers who are older than 21 years old. This is a challenge for Snapchat, which had recently announced to work on better analysis tools.For the 49th Super Bowl Snapchat had demanded 1.77 million US dollars for the sponsorship. Since this year, four companies and not a trademark are that accompany the sporting event, the amount is likely to be much higher again. Unanbhängig of this premium advertising cooperation Brands have always the possibility own Snapchat content to enrich with ads.